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"UpCounsel saves me a ton of time and money, but the best part is their lawyers are simply amazing. Combine that with a great customer service experience, and my legal headaches have finally been relieved."

Chris Bennett

Co-founder & CEO at Soldsie

Soldsie is the world's first social shopping service. Retailers post product photos along with their prices and available quantities. Shoppers comment with the word "sold," and continue browsing the newsfeed. Soldsie takes care of everything in the background, from inventory management to payment processing all while the product posting builds momentum with a broader audience.

11-50 Employees

How does Soldsie benefit by working with UpCounsel?

Chris was already working with a law firm, but when he had some more immediate tasks, he wanted to make sure they were handled right away–without sacrificing on quality.

Upon the recommendation of a close friend, Chris headed to UpCounsel where it didn't take long for him to not only get started, but also return to the platform to take care of additional work.

Now, Soldsie relies on UpCounsel to get a variety of legal needs addressed: reviewing documents, registering a trademark, drafting privacy policy and terms & conditions, etc. UpCounsel has quickly become Chris's go-to solution.

Time Saved
Projects Completed
Attorneys Hired

The challenge

When Soldsie debuted in 2012, there were several questions about their model: is Facebook commerce a legitimate channel? If so, is Soldsie's approach to it the right way to go?

While doubters were asking these questions, Soldsie was selling; and at a rate well beyond expectations. Their overwhelming success led them to introduce their popular product on Instagram, giving their 1,500+ and counting retailers another option when utilizing this simple and effective tool.

If Co-founder and CEO Chris Bennett spent his time worrying about critics, he wouldn't have been able to build Soldsie into what it has become today – a superior shopping experience.

Now with their latest round of funding, including plans to double the size of their team, Chris doesn't have the time either to worry about legal and the headaches associated with it: high costs, long turnaround times, and lack of transparency.

The solution

Chris doesn't like to get caught up in distractions; his motto for Soldsie is “You can focus on the product – we'll handle everything else," and that's the same standard he expects from the services he uses. With UpCounsel, Chris doesn't always have to know exactly what he needs, that's for his UpCounsel lawyer to figure out. And the best part is, because it's so simple to use, he's been able to give access to his team without having to spend any time teaching them how to operate the product. 

Soldsie's work is far from over. With a new round of funding and an ever-changing e-commerce and social media landscape, Soldsie will have additional hurdles to overcome and critics to quiet. As usual, Chris won't be worried about that, and he won't be worried about legal either.

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