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Barry Greene
I have been practicing law since 1973, with a primary focus in real estate along with organizations that are created to hold real estate, whether they be trusts, corporations, limited partnerships or other organizations. I have also participated and coordinated many IRS Section 1031 exchanges where I acted as counsel to a seller doing an exchange or where i was... read more
GIfford Collins

GIfford Collins
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Attorney at Law
Gifford has 13 years of private legal practice experience and has a bachelor's degree in business administration with an emphasis in international business and a minor in French. His practice areas include estate planning, business law and commercial contracts, with a particular emphasis on business succession and exit planning. Gifford prefers working with small business clients and helping them... read more
Aviv Glazer

Aviv Glazer

Attorney at Law.
Has not submitted a bio yet.
William Mills

William Mills
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Lawyer's Lawyer
Experienced, trusted and ethical, I've represented a variety of large and small businesses, including lawyers and law firms, non-profits, and financial institutions, in general corporate, municipal and corporate finance, corporate governance, real estate and lending transactions and disputes. I have served as lead or co-counsel in numerous state and federal complex business case trials, arbitrations, appeals, and... read more
One of the main challenges of applying for and getting a marriage-based green card comes with the volume of documentation that is required by the USCIS. read more
If you're applying for a marriage visa, you'll need to demonstrate to the US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) that you are in a bona fide marriage. Read on to find out the proof of marriage documents you should provide and what to expect in the review process. read more

US Citizenship Through Marriage

Free Legal Article9 min read
This piece will tell you everything you need to know about citizenship through marriage and what the future holds for you as an American citizen. read more
One of the important steps to becoming a US citizen is the biometrics appointment with citizenship and immigration services. If you've recently gotten a biometrics appointment notice, we know you've got questions about what to expect at your appointment. Keep reading for the answers to the most important questions you've got about your biometrics notice. read more
This guide helps you understand why the immigrant medical exam matters, the process, all the documents you require, and the cost of filing form I-693.  read more