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How much does a K-1 visa cost?

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The K1 visa cost varies, but is usually about $800. An additional $1225 is required to apply for a green card. Other fees may apply such as medical exams, translation services, passport renewals and hiring an immigration lawyer. This article will help you calculate how much it will cost for your particular circumstances. read more
The process of being approved can be complicated, which is why we’ve created an easy-to-follow and comprehensive guide to help you manage the K1 visa requirements and documents needed to be successful. read more
The Trump administration said that people with DACA can no longer stay in the United States. But they can still try to get a green card which is a special card that lets people work in America. read more
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How long does it take to get a k3 Visa?

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The K-3 visa is a special type of visa that helps spouses or fiancés of US citizens come to the US to be with their partner. It lets them get into the US faster than other visas and then they can get a green card for more privileges. read more
To become a US citizen, you need to fill out an application, have an interview and pass a test. After you fill out the application, you will get a letter to go to an interview, and then you will take a test. It's normal to feel nervous, but if you prepare and know what to expect, it will be easier. read more
With US citizenship, you will have the right to vote, travel with a passport, and become eligible for many government benefits. You will also get the responsibility of obeying US laws, paying taxes, and performing jury duty if called. read more