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Seth W.

Seth Wiener

1184 reviews
As an experienced trial lawyer and litigator, Seth Wiener has resolved numerous federal and state litigations. His cases have included everything from family law to bankruptcy to fraud and more. Before Seth formed his own firm, the Law Office of Seth W. Wiener, he worked for several prominent law offices where he gained a great deal of experience.
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Liz O.

Liz Oliner

1167 reviews
If you want someone who has gone through the trademark process over and over again, look no further than Liz Oliner. She has filed over 300 trademarks in the last year alone and has practically got the process down to a science. Small businesses and entrepreneurs frequently come to Ms. Oliner for their trademark and brand protection needs.
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Kanika R.

Kanika Radhakrishnan

419 reviews
Kanika is an experienced Patent Attorney and Managing Partner of Evergreen Valley Law Group in Silicon Valley, which serves innovative entrepreneurs with backgrounds in mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, and computer science. She has filed over 5,000 patent applications in the U.S. and worldwide with a successful track record of obtaining patents for clients.
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David Y.

David Yamaguchi

212 reviews
Startups and small businesses sometimes need someone who can deal with complex transactions on an international playing field. David Yamaguchi specializes in content hosting issues and intellectual property. He concentrates his practice in the United States, Asia, India, and Europe. Whether you are a business giant or a startup, Mr. Yamaguchi can provide legal advice that fits your needs.
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Grant M.

Grant Maynard

121 reviews
Grant represents high-growth companies in all aspects of formation, financing, and intellectual property issues. He has previously done general corporate, intellectual, and real estate work at Nebraska's oldest law firm before transitioning to a more virtual lifestyle. As an entrepreneur himself, he understands the need to balance legal and business interests.
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Alejandro M.

Alejandro Maher

177 reviews
Alejandro Maher’s firm specializes in domestic and international corporate transactions, commercial litigation, and arbitration. He has represented individual investors, entrepreneurs, and emerging-growth companies in matters of public and private offerings of equity, M&A, and real estate financing. Currently, Alejandro has over 50 domestic and international clients.
Nadia Z.

Nadia Zaidi

15 reviews
Nadia Zaidi is an immigration attorney with over 10 years’ experience. She provides legal assistance to corporate clients that faces problems with immigration law. Nadia has worked with Button, MoLabs, Yeh Ideology and numerous other corporate clients. She worked as an employment immigration attorney at Fragomen Del Rey for two years, but moved on to start her own law firm in 2015, where she is now the principal attorney.
Seth M.

Seth Morris

Seth Morris is an associate attorney at Boucher Law Firm. He specializes in Litigation, Real Estate, Business, Contract, and Commercial Law. Seth attended the University of Nebraska, where he obtained his Doctor of Law in 2015. He has also worked as a senior certified law clerk at Haessler, Sullivan and Klein. Apart from his legal duties, Seth is also actively involved in various volunteer projects.

Top Nebraska Lawyers and Attorneys

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How Much Does It Cost to Hire a Lawyer in Nebraska?

Nebraska lawyers usually charge around $95 to $300 an hour. It’s important to note that the rate may fluctuate within this range depending on the type of lawyer and the specific help you need.

How to Find the Best Lawyers in Nebraska?

Many people find the top Nebraska lawyers through a referral. If you don’t have one, you can use UpCounsel, a legal platform created to connect you with the best lawyers and attorneys in your area.

Need a Lawyer in Nebraska?

If you’re trying to find a lawyer in Nebraska, visit your local firm or try using UpCounsel. UpCounsel will get you connected to a professional lawyer with specialized experience suited to your specific case. Don’t let the best Nebraska lawyers pass you by. Try UpCounsel today. To get started with your search for the best attorney in Nebraska, click here.

How Do I Find out if An Attorney Is Licensed in Nebraska?

If you want to check your attorney’s eligibility before signing an official contract, visit the Nebraska State Bar Association website to see a list of the state’s licensed attorneys. To be sure that your attorney is licensed, choose from UpCounsel’s community of Nebraska attorneys. All of our legal professionals are pre-vetted and certified to represent you and your case in court.

FAQs about Nebraska Lawyers

How does child custody work in Nebraska?

In the state of Nebraska, there are two options: full/sole custody and joint custody. Full custody means that one party is the sole legal guardian of a minor, whereas joint custody means that two parties share guardianship. If you have questions specific to your situation, visit a local Nebraska law firm or use UpCounsel to find a lawyer who can help with your case.

Is getting a lawyer worth it?

While it can be tempting to avoid getting a lawyer due to the high cost of fees, hiring a lawyer is usually worth it. Lawyers are professionals trained to spot any loopholes or issues before they cause damage. With the help of the best lawyers in Nebraska, your case can be resolved faster. Hiring a lawyer also means seeking the assistance of a detached third party with no emotional investment. This allows for unbiased treatment for each party in finalizing agreements, contracts, and family matters.

What should you ask a lawyer?

Before hiring a lawyer, you should always ask about their experience in your area of legal need and the fees they charge. This allows you to see upfront if they’re suitable for your case and budget. Additionally, ask how they will handle your case and the specifics of your role in the process.

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