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What Can An Immigration Lawyer Help You With?

An immigration lawyer represents clients in court or provides legal guidance in regard to the immigration process. Whether you’re looking to file paperwork for a green card or citizenship, a work permit, or any other kind of visa in the U.S. or abroad, hiring a lawyer is your best bet to successfully navigate complex immigration matters.

How Much Does It Cost To Hire An Immigration Lawyer In The U.S.?

The cost of an immigration attorney can vary depending on the specific application. Some attorneys charge a flat fee, while others charge an hourly fee. The typical rate that you can expect to pay is around $150 to $300 an hour.

How To Find The Best Immigration Lawyer

You can use UpCounsel to sort through the best immigration lawyers, who provide a range of services for individuals and businesses. Look for attorneys that will be available on an ongoing basis and are willing to help you on-demand.

Need An Immigration Lawyer In Your Area?

Search for the best immigration attorney on UpCounsel to help you with your visas, sponsorships, and permits within the U.S. and to legally work abroad in popular countries (including the UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Germany, China, Japan, South Korea, and more). Click here to easily find & compare the best immigration lawyers in your area for free.

FAQs About Immigration Lawyers

Can An Immigration Lawyer Speed Up The Process?

While the processing of immigration applications depends greatly on the speed at which the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services works, hiring an immigration attorney to help you fill out and submit paperwork, as well as respond to follow-up inquiries, can significantly speed up the process. Immigration itself takes a substantial amount of time, but having a professional support you can ease the burden and help you meet your goals much quicker.

Do Immigration Lawyers Really Help?

You may be tempted to work on an application and resolve any outstanding issues on your own, but with the amount of paperwork and back and forth that’s often required from the government, it can quickly become overwhelming. Immigration is a highly complicated and difficult matter to navigate, which is why you should consider hiring or consulting the best immigration lawyer for your unique case, even for something as simple as a travel visa.

Is Immigration Law Hard?

Immigration law is complex and may require knowledge of both federal and state laws. Top immigration lawyers who specialize in these matters will be familiar with nationwide and local policies, so if you’re having difficulty dealing with an application, it’s best to contact a law firm to get set up with an attorney.

Umar F.

Umar Farooq

139 reviews
Umar Farooq focuses on corporate legal matters that include commercial contracts, employment matters and business operation management. He has represented Vodafone, RBS, ExonMobil and various other large corporations. Umar graduated cum laude from the University of Buffalo School of Law in 2007. He also received an Adelbert Moot Scholarship while attending the University in 2006. Umar started his own law firm in 2012 and is currently the managing business attorney.
Jesko O.

Jesko Onken

50 reviews
Licensed in California and Germany, Jesko Onken offers cost-effective legal advice to small and midsize companies. A speaker of German, French, and Italian, Mr. Onken provides services in business law and international legal management. He specializes in entity formation, business contracts, corporate compliance, immigration, licensing, and securities.
Anna K.

Anna Kerner Andersson

101 reviews
Anna Kerner Andersson understands the importance of getting immigration issues right the first time. She works with both families and businesses to address virtually any immigration issue that may come up. She is a former U.S. State Department Consular Officer, which means she has a behind-the-scenes view of the immigration process that many attorneys simply do not have.
Sarah C.

Sarah Corstange

96 reviews
Sarah’s practice, Corstange Law, focuses on immigration for startups and businesses to help them come up with strategies to keep their founders, investors, and employees in the US. She provides all of the necessary advice to ensure her clients stay in compliance with the immigration laws. Her interest in international law inspired her to live and travel in the Middle East for years.
Ayda A.

Ayda Aghnami Akalin

13 reviews
Ayda Aghnami Akalin is inspired by the extraordinary talents of her clients. Practicing U.S. Immigration-Nationality Law, Ayda advises foreign entrepreneurs, investors, artists, scientists, and athletes on inbound U.S. immigration and visa matters. For three years running (2013, 2014, 2015) Ayda has been named both a “Rising Star” (Super Lawyer) and Top Immigration Attorney (Pasadena Magazine).
Todd H.

Todd Heine

22 reviews
Todd Heine wants fast-growing businesses to grow faster - regardless if they are a startup or a late-stage company. If your business has at least $500k in funding or annual revenue and plans to hire at least 5 new staff members in the next 12 months, Todd offers an integrated approach to matters of HR, finance, and law (tax, corporate, immigration). His client list includes Bitnami, SketchDesk, Vox Media, and Yahoo.
Lisa E.

Lisa Eisenberg

15 reviews
Lisa Eisenberg has 12 years of experience as an attorney at law. She primarily specializes in immigration law and assists corporate clients with their employment matters that involve immigrant employees. She has a license to practice law in New Jersey and New York. Lisa has a Juris Doctor degree in law and she is an Adjunct Professor of law at the City University of New York. She is also the founding member and principal member of the Eisenberg Law Firm.
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