Consultant Statement of Work

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The statement of work describes the work to be performed by a consultant or independent contractor and how they will be compensated for the work. A statement of work often accompanies a master consulting agreement.

Statement of Work


       I.            Payment Terms

[   ]  [Contractor Name] (the "Contractor") shall be paid by [Company Name] (the "Company") at an hourly rate of $ [Rate]/hr.] in accordance with the completion of Services detailed in Section II. The Company  shall be invoiced every [Invoicing Time] week(s) for payment to the Contractor.


[   ]  [Contractor Name] (the "Contractor") shall be paid by [Company Name] (the "Company")  in accordance with the completion of the tasks and milestones set forth below in Section II.  

II.             Description of Services



Estimated Hours

Completion Date(s)



 [Services Description] [Hours]

[Estimated Completion Date]


The first completion date shall be [First Completion Date]. The Services shall be repeated every [Repeated Weeks/Days] until [Final Completion Date]

[Hourly Wages]


[Agreed Upon Sum]


The Board shall recommend that the Contractor be granted an option to purchase [# Shares] shares under the Company's [Equity Incentive Plan Name].


Add milestones as necessary.      

   III.            Maintenance, Repairs and Additions (if applicable)

[   ]  Additional charges will be assessed by the Contractor on a per-project or hourly basis, depending on the complexity and time required. Additional charges must be agreed to in writing by the Company or added through an amendment of this agreement.
[   ]   Reasonable maintenance and repair will be included with the Services and shall not exceed [max hrs] and will be in accordance with the following estimates:

Milestone or Task

  Allotted Maintenance/Repair Hours


Total Maintenance Hours


   IV.            Reimbursable Expenses

[   ]  Contractor shall not be authorized to incur on behalf of the Company any expenses and will be responsible for all expenses incurred while performing the Services.  


[   ] The Contractor may incur expenses as expressly specified below which will be reimbursed by the Company.


Max Allowance



In Witness hereof, the Parties have executed this Statement of Work as of the date set forth above.



By: _____________________________Sign Here

      [Contractor Name/Respresentative Name]




By: ___________________________ Sign Here

       [Company Respresentative Name]


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